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Available products:

Special Farm Package (SFP)10
SFP 10 - CGL for Horse Farms
SFP 10 - for Country Estates
SFP 10- for Christmas Tree Farms
Business Owners Advantage
Business Owners Advantage - Floral
Contractors Advantage
Contractors Advantage - Landscapers
Homeowners Advantage
Umbrella Liability
Pollution Liability








Interview with AM Best
AM Best Interview

Michelle Damiecki, an associate for Bill Walker, was recently interviewed by AM Best for the agencies work with Christmas Tree Farms. AM Best is a global full-service credit rating agency. Click here to watch the full video.


Casualty Products

Farm Family Casualty products go beyond traditional property coverage to provide specialized packages for all of your agribusiness needs. Our Special Farm Package 10 provides a flexible farm package. It allows you to customize your policy more precisely to match your individual needs. The special CGL for Horses provides coverage for specialized needs such as boarding, lessons, horse-drawn carriages, sleigh rides, hay rides, and more. Christmas tree farms also receive special coverage options.

Safeguard your Country Estate, whether it be a small pick-your-own Christmas tree operation or a few horses out to pasture, with our special program designed to protect you from the risk of a hobby operation not covered by most homeowner policies.

Business owners and contractors also will find specialized products to meet your specific needs. Business Advantage programs provide coverage for floral operations, offices, retail businesses, and apartment buildings. Contractors Advantage is Farm Family's answer to contractor's business insurance needs and provides property protection, loss of income, liability protection, and many other special features.

Also available are products to protect most types of watercraft as well as specialized liability products to expand the coverage provided on your base policy.